First Class RTC Training – a winning partnership!

Our Impact Project this year at North Tyneside RTC is to work alongside our local teacher supply agency as a Strategic Partnership. Our North Tyneside Learning Trust Schools use a number of teacher supply agencies and therefore North Tyneside RTC has created a partnership with First Class Supply in order to support their teachers and teaching assistants to develop their skills with Apple technology.

Our vision for this project is to create a bespoke training programme based on their needs and then develop a Multi Touch Book that can be used by delegates after attending the training to confidently use iPads within the schools that they work. 

We created an audit of skills which was sent to all teachers and teaching assistants yesterday, asking them to rate themselves against key skills that they would need in a classroom if they were using an iPad. In less than 24 hours, we have had over 186 replies and indications of interest to attend training at our Regional Training Centre!

This audit will allow us to carefully design our training session around the needs of the delegates, signposting them to resources and apps that they can use to be able to use an iPad confidently when on supply in one of our Trust School classrooms. Our next step as part of our project at our RTC is to collate the evidence and structure bespoke training sessions and begin to develop our digital book that our delegates will be able to download (and potential help to shape the content) as part of the training package that we offer.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 at 14.44.08.png

Exciting times ahead!

Laura Dickinson