Teacher Learning Community at Apple RTC Cork

At Apple RTC Cork we are trying to start up a Teacher Learning Community. This comprises of two types of set ups.

We are trying to extend the use of devices within St. John’s Central College where Apple RTC Cork is based. Up until now the college has only had one 1:1 classroom although several classes did run BYOD activities and iPads were available for student use in the library. This year we are supporting teachers through an iPad cart that can be used across any of the other courses. Teachers have been introduced to the Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create resources as well as the Apple Teacher resources. So far this process is working well and the iPads have been used in lots of new creative ways including in the Interior Design Department, Communications and Media departments.

The second way we are trying to support a learning community is through our ongoing Apple RTC Cork workshops. Over the past two years, we have welcomed a lot of teachers who we now consider ‘alumni’ attendees. These have played an important part in our ongoing training. This year we have quite a few new attendees from schools that have either just started or are about to start their iPad journey.

Through activities and conversations within our Apple RTC Cork workshops, we are having some of our alumni attendees share their experiences with the newbies and this has already built a sense of community within the workshops and we have only run two. We can’t wait to see how this is after we complete all 14 of our workshops. As part of this, we are also encouraging all attendees to achieve their Apple Teacher badges and call out and congratulate those that do.